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Their alert heads have tapered muzzles, almond-shaped eyes, dark noses, and wrinkled foreheads that sometimes give them a worried look.

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Basenjis need lots of exercise to stay mentally and physically fit. Used in central Africa for thousands of years, Basenjis were valued for their quickness, intelligence and silence by African hunters who used them for a host of duties—retrieving, pointing, tracking and herding.Birch also describes a tablet of Pharaoh Antefaa II from 2000 BC showing four dogs of distinct breeds.One of the dogs is described as having more marked stop with muzzle sharply pointed and fox-like, the ears pointed and erect with the tail curled tightly to the side of the back. Read more: Glen Dymock explains more about the painting and shares internet links to the book where it appears in these notes prepared in 2017.This photo was supplied by Steve Gonto who obtained it from Forrest Bryant Johnson, author of "Basenji, Dog from the Past." It was originally taken from the screen of a tv showing a PBS documentary.It is labeled on the photograph as African hunter with dog, ancient cave painting.

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