Dating a passive woman

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Deep down we want to know that our existence was meaningful. It’s no wonder my heart shut down when a date told me, “Oh, I don’t volunteer.” It’s no wonder my heart opened up when a guy told me, “I just want to make a difference…” The first showed passivity, an existence that lacked selfless service.

The second showed activity, an existence that displayed a desire for selfless service. The problem with passivity is that women want to see a man in action.

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The problem with passive sentences is that they tend to bore the reader and the reader loses interest.

Part of a woman’s security and fulfillment in a relationship is knowing that she can support a man in his dreams and that she is proud to back him up.

That is why she needs to know what it is that a man wants to do with his life.

Living to serve together makes for an exciting, fulfilling, meaningful existence because you’re moving forward and in the same direction.

As humans, we were meant to bring something to this earth while we are here, not just live to consume.

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