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Make sure it’s a form that associates working with Singh use.” — “Hey Tilly, memorize these pages.

Assign them these tags: ‘Chapman,’ ‘favors buyer,’ ‘only use if associate is nice to me.’” *** For a while, Chapman Singh had resisted the idea of allowing employees to bring Tilly into the office, preferring their proprietary corporate AI system.

After all, the mission statement of Centillion was to “arrange the world’s information to ennoble the human race,” and what could be more ennobling than making work more efficient, more productive, more pleasant? He couldn’t even imagine what drudgery work would have been like before Tilly came along.

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The room brightened as the blinds gradually opened to the sunlight. I know you told me—” “I’ll bring you up to speed after work. Tilly had also introduced him to his last girlfriend, and that relationship had been wonderful.

They smiled at each other and just tried to enjoy the silence. it was as if Tilly didn’t trust that he would be able to manage the date on his own, as if Tilly thought he wouldn’t know what to say or do if she didn’t jump in. Ellen stared at him, eyes and mouth wide open in shock. ” “I wanted to talk to you alone, just the two of us.” Sai smiled. ” “You know that in order to make the best life recommendations, I need to have complete knowledge of you. They hunger for data about you—the more the better—and damned if they care about how they get it.” Sai flicked through the documents skeptically.

In that moment, Tilly’s voice burst into his earpiece, “You might want to ask her if she likes contemporary Japanese desserts. “It’s nice sometimes to just be ourselves, without Tilly, don’t you think? “But you know that the more Tilly knows, the more helpful she can be. “There’s this new club, and I know Tilly can get us a coupon.” Sai shook his head, annoyed. If you shut me out of parts of your life, my recommendations won’t be as accurate—” Sai reached into his pocket and turned off the phone. *** When Sai got home, he saw that the light over the stairs leading up to his apartment had gone out, and several dark shapes skulked around the bottom. ” Several of the shadows scattered, but one came toward him: Jenny. “If this is all true, why hasn’t anyone brought it up in the news? “First, everything Centillion did was arguably legal.

And I want Tilly to keep an eye on my door when I’m away. He had made the same point countless times: Centillion is not some big scary government.

Apartment 308 was just burglarized last week.” “But your camera will record visitors to my place, too, because we share this hallway.” “So? It’s a private company, whose motto happens to be “Make things better!

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