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When you walk your dog, you’ll certainly get the attention of other dog owners! Discover Techniques To Keep His Face Clean and Gorgeous! That’s why I’ve included a section in this E-Book that takes all the fear out of trimming and caring for your dog’s nails! I’ll show you – again step by step – how to tenderly and lovingly take care of every aspect of your dog from your home, including the often perplexing and trouble areas of the ears and face.

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Rest assured, once you start grooming your dog at home, you’ll soon notice that he’s the best groomed – and certainly the most pampered – pet in your neighborhood. But there’s no reason for you to be intimidated by it!Get detailed instructions of how often you should clip your dog. Not only that, this e-Book also deals with the age-old problem of every dog owner: dog dander!Starting on Page 78, you’ll discover: Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of skin infections . When you purchase and download “Grooming Your Dog At Home” you can turn immediately to Page 24 to learn this.Just imagine the immense pleasure you’ll receive when you regularly begin to groom your own pet. you’ll feel that with each groom she’s becoming the family member that you wanted her to be all along!With each and every grooming session, you’ll feel your dog is growing closer to you . Not only that she’ll be easier to keep neat and clean on a consistent basis. When you purchase this book, you’re going to learn every aspect of grooming, from the quickest, safest and most effective method of eliminating even the toughest of flea problems, to untangled mats without hurting your pet!

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