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If you configure the same discovery method to run at different Configuration Manager sites to take advantage of querying local Active Directory servers, you can configure each site with a unique set of discovery options.For smaller environments, you might consider running each discovery method at only one site in your hierarchy to reduce administrative overhead and the potential for multiple discovery actions to rediscover the same resources.フィルタリングは、[Active Directory System Discovery Properties (Active Directory システム探索のプロパティ)] ダイアログ ボックスと [Active Directory Group Discovery Properties (Active Directory グループの探索のプロパティ)] ダイアログ ボックスの [オプション] タブで構成します。フィルタリングは、[Active Directory System Discovery Properties (Active Directory システム探索のプロパティ)] ダイアログ ボックスと [Active Directory Group Discovery Properties (Active Directory グループの探索のプロパティ)] ダイアログ ボックスの [オプション] タブで構成します。カスタマイズされた属性の一覧を表示および構成するには、[Active Directory System Discovery Properties (Active Directory システム探索のプロパティ)] ダイアログ ボックス、または [Active Directory User Discovery Properties (Active Directory ユーザー探索のプロパティ)] ダイアログボックスの [Active Directory の属性] タブを使います。You can view and configure the list of customized attributes on the Active Directory Attributes tab in the Active Directory System Discovery Properties and Active Directory User Discovery Properties dialog boxes.This provides flexibility in configuring a discovery method at one site to search multiple Active Directory locations across multiple forests, without having to configure a single account that has permissions to all locations.When each of these three discovery methods runs at a specific site, the Configuration Manager site server at that site contacts the nearest domain controller in the specified Active Directory forest to locate Active Directory resources.Network Discovery searches your network for IP-enabled resources by querying servers that run a Microsoft implementation of DHCP, Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) caches in routers, SNMP-enabled devices, and Active Directory domains.The following diagram shows what a topology and client Network Discovery query finds when it runs on Server 1 with 0 router hops specified: subnet D and Router 1, and all potential clients on subnet D.

This list can be used to check whether certain keywords actually appear in the book, prior to a purchase.Esto se hace porque cuando la tarea Eliminar datos de detección antiguos elimina un registro de base de datos de un dispositivo móvil, también revoca el certificado del dispositivo y evita que este se conecte con los puntos de administración.La detección de redes busca en la red recursos habilitados para IP con la consulta de servidores que ejecutan una implementación de Microsoft de DHCP, memorias caché del Protocolo de resolución de direcciones (ARP) en enrutadores, dispositivos habilitados para SNMP y dominios de Active Directory.If you change the heartbeat discovery interval, ensure that it runs more frequently than the site maintenance task Delete Aged Discovery Data, which deletes inactive client records from the site database.This is done because when the Delete Aged Discovery Data task deletes a database record for a mobile device, it also revokes the device certificate and blocks the mobile device from connecting to management points.

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