Whos dating ryan gosling

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Best known for putting Ryan Reynolds in a fat suit, this easily thrown away romantic comedy hides hometown charm underneath its slapsticky gift wrap (although that’s fun too).

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You’re either in or your out when it comes to Jim Varney’s bumbling, yokel funnyman Ernest P. He’s dumb, but loving — the perfect Christmas movie character. One Christmas Eve, three businessmen decide to see what happens when they throw their wallets out the window. They later die, return as ghosts, and help her fall in love and – 73.

There’s weed smoking, sex talk, terminal illness, and football.

The movie does not skimp on the melodrama and it shouldn’t — it’s Christmas, after all.

Bill Forsyth’s cheeky Scottish comedy follows a radio DJ caught in the middle of an ice cream truck turf war. Star Bill Patterson keeps his cool while Forsyth implodes the world around him. sequel anywhere but home sounds like an awful idea.

Yet New York, a bustling Christmas metropolis, plays directly into everything that worked in the first movie.

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